Obedience Brings Blessings©

Written and illustrated by De Dorman

2004 All Rights Reserved

Isaiah 1:19 "If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land..."

"What a great day to play outside!" thought Johnny as he played in the dirt with his favorite truck. "I really like Saturdays!"

However, his dump truck came to a sudden halt when he heard Mom calling from the back door.

"Johnny...Suzie...put your toys away and get washed up. we need to go to the store."

Earlier that day Mom had promised the children that they would stop at the new ice cream store after they finished shopping. It was right next door to the grocery store. Remembering this promise helped Johnny pick up his things quickly!

As he hurriedly obeyed his mother, Johnny noticed that Suzie was still playing with her doll, her favorite doll, Emmie.

"Maybe she didn't hear Mom calling," Johnny thought to himself. He decided to go over and repeat the instructions to his little sister.

"I heard Mommy but I don't want to go!" snipped Suzie. "I have all Emmie's clothes out and it's so much work picking everything up! Johnny, you know that I don't like getting my face washed. The soap always gets in my eyes and that really hurts!"

"But Suzie, don't you want to go to the ice cream shop?" Johnny asked as he tried to help her pick up her things.

Suzie pulled the doll clothes out of Johnny's hands and stated very clearly that she thought Mommy would bring back a cone for her anyway! "After all," she replied, " I'm only six and Mommy understands."

After making sure that all his things were picked up, Johnny went inside to get washed up. He even used soap without being told! Quickly he put on the clean clothes that were on his bed and downstairs he went!

You see, a few months ago Johnny asked Jesus to save him and to help him always do right, and we know that obeying your mom is right because the Bible says so in Ephesians 6:1. God gives those obedient children a special promise. Did you hear what it is? (long life)

Suzie too, had asked Jesus to be her Savior, but she had a hard time allowing Him to be first in her life. It seemed that Suzie was always first and obedience wasn't that important. This was about to change!

"Johnny, where's Suzie?" asked Mother. "We need to be leaving if we're going to be back before suppertime."

"She's still outside playing with Emmie. I told her what you said Mom, but she doesn't want to go with us." answered Johnny.

After talking with Suzie, Mom checked with Dad to see if he could keep an eye on her while she and Johnny went to the store. Dad agreed to watch her while he did his yard work, so Johnny and Mom were off to the store.

Meanwhile, Suzie continued to play with her doll. She washed her doll clothes and hung them over the chair to dry. As she did this, she wondered what flavor of ice cream Mom would bring her. "I hope she remembers that I really like chocolate." Suzie thought.

Soon all the groceries were packed safely in the car and it was time for ice cream! The new store was beautiful! To celebrate the grand opening each child was given a free toy. Some got yo-yo's and some got frisbies. Johnny was handed a bright red yo-yo that could do a lot of fun things! After thanking Mr. Cunningham for the yo-yo, they started to order the ice cream. Just for today, Johnny could get two scoops of any flavor he wanted, in a waffle cone! Finally, the decision was made! He ordered a double scoop of chocolate and boy, did it look good when Mr. Cunningham handed it to him!

"Johnny, we're running a little late," Mother began. "Could you please eat this on the way home?"

"Sure, Mom, but you forgot Suzie's cone." Johnny answered.

Mom answered as she reached for some napkins. " I didn't forget, Johnny. Suzie didn't do as I asked her, so she won't be getting a cone today."

Soon they were home and Johnny couldn't wait to show his little sister his new yo-yo and the half eaten chocolate ice cream cone! Johnny was licking it fast, trying to catch the drips before they hit the floor!

"That's great, Johnny!" Where's mine?" wondered his sister.

"Oh," Johnny started, "maybe you better go ask Mom." So that's just what Suzie did. Soon a cry could be heard throughout the whole house!

Dad was coming inside when he heard this cry of agony coming from the disobedient little girl.

"Suzie, what's wrong? Are you hurt?" Dad could only guess what the problem was until Johnny filled him in on why she was crying.

"Mommy didn't bring me any ice cream!" wailed the little girl. "Johnny got a double scoop of chocolate and a yo-yo from Mr. Cunningham's new store and Daddy..." hesitated Suzie, "I didn't get anything!" Daddy wiped her tears and went to talk with Mom, who was in the kitchen putting the groceries away.

Soon, Dad returned to ask Suzie if she understood that she needed to pick up her toys and get cleaned up so she could go with Mom, too. After telling her daddy that she really didn't want to do that, she was asked another question. "Did you understand that if you went with Mommy you would get some ice cream?"

"Well, yes..." started Suzie, "But I thought that Mommy would bring me some anyway."

After explaining that since she was not willing to get ready and go, Dad told his daughter that she would not be getting a treat today.

Even though she was brokenhearted, Suzie was finally understanding that obedience does bring blessings!

With Daddy at her side Suzie wanted to talk to Jesus and ask Him to forgive her for disobeying. She wiped the tears from her cheeks as she thanked Him for His great love for her.

"And Jesus...," continued Suzie, "could You help me obey so I can get some ice cream next time? Thank You...amen."

Do you think Suzie ever missed out on another cone?

What were the things that Johnny had to do in order to get the cone and yo-yo? (These same actions can be applied to our walk with The Lord.)

1. Get up...Mark 10:49..."Arise, He calleth thee."

2. Pick up...Ephesians 6:1.."Childen, obey your parents..."

3. Clean up...James 4:8..."Draw nigh, cleanse your hands.."

4. Go...Isaiah 6:8 and 9..."Whom shall I send and who will go?"

Are you willing to do these things for Jesus? He sacrificed so much for you and me. Philippians 2:8 says..."He humbled Himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross."

God said in Isaiah 1:19..."If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land."

He has many blessings in store for the obedient child. Don't miss out on them because of disobedience. You can start today! He has a wonderful plan for your life but remember, it's your choice!

(Invitation to salvation and service)

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