Scars of Love©

Written by De Dorman
© 2004 All Rights Reserved

This is a true story of a promise kept by a loving mother.

It was a hot summer day in southwest Florida when Charlie, a fair-haired energetic boy, thought the solution to the heat was swimming. He enjoyed swimming so much and was, he thought, one of the best swimmers in his class.

"Practice will only help me," he reasoned as Mom gave her nod of approval. With that, he ran out the back door leaving a trail of shoes, socks and a once clean shirt behind.

As he headed for the cool but muddy lake, Charlie thought of the last time he went swimming. Bobbie, his cousin, was with him and they had a grand time pretending to be giant sea monsters. As they headed off to Sunday School the next morning, neither one knew that this special morning Jesus would speak to their hearts about being saved. After listening to the lesson, both Charlie and Bobbie raised their hands, indicating their desire to be saved. The teacher took time to speak with them after class and the repentant boys asked The Lord to save them from the penalty of their sins.

"It's a great feeling. to be all clean inside!" Charlie thought as he ran toward the cool water. "Maybe Bobbie can come over after lunch and swim with me!" Just about that time, Charlie was standing on the dock, ready to take the biggest leap possible! Into the water he went!

" Ah, this is so nice!" he said as his toes touched the bottom of the murky lake. And he didn't mind at all that the water was cloudy; all that mattered, for the moment anyway, was that Charlie was cooling off.

As he floated on his back, he gazed up into the beautiful blue sky, unaware of the pending danger that lurked just a few feet away. What Charlie didn't know is that when he jumped into the lake, something followed him into the water.

It was an alligator.a big, hungry alligator! And it was swimming straight for Charlie, hoping to make this nine year old boy his next meal.

Just then, Charlie's mom glanced out the window and saw what was about to take place. She cried out to The Lord for help as she raced toward the water that held her son captive. Now standing on the dock, she shouted out instructions for him to quickly swim to her, pointing to the alligator that was now within his reach. Charlie knew that being a good swimmer was not enough to save him from the jaws of this hungry alligator, so he cried out to The Lord as he swam toward his mother. Just as the frightened boy reached the dock, the alligator raised it's head up out of the water and locked on to Charlie's legs with it's powerful jaws! Had it not been for Charlie's mom grabbing his arms as she anchored her feet to the dock, the alligator would have pulled the boy under the muddy water.

But Mom held tightly onto her son with all her might; the alligator, too, refused to let go. Poor Charlie was caught in the middle.

"I've got you, Charlie, and I won't let go!" promised a determined mother. She cried out for help, not knowing if anyone could hear her. That's all she could do, hold on and cry out for help!

Soon, a man driving by heard her desperate cries and stopped to help. He grabbed his rifle and ran as fast as he could to the lake uncertain of what he would find. Nearing the dock, he could see the struggle going on so he carefully took aim and shot the alligator. The jaws of this beast lost their hold on Charlie as the alligator swam away. The compassionate man then got Charlie and his mother to his truck and headed to the nearest hospital.

The doctors and nurses took immediate action to save Charlie's life. He needed to be given some blood and the open wounds had to be cleaned and stitched up. After they finished working on Charlie's feet and legs, they set out to close the wounds on his arms. "It's a good thing that his mother didn't let go!" one nurse commented as they continued their work. All quietly nodded in agreement as they thought of the outcome if she had lost her grip.

Charlie was soon taken to a hospital room where he would stay for several days while he continued to heal. Dad and Mom stayed close by his side and before too long, they could see that The Lord was answering their prayers. Their son was getting better! This was very evident when Charlie received a call from his cousin, Bobbie. He didn't leave out one gruesome detail of that battle while on the other end of the phone Bobbie thought of the pain that his cousin endured. Before saying their goodbyes, Bobbie promised to visit Charlie as soon as he could, but they both agreed that they wouldn't be going swimming for awhile.

Charlie's doctor told his parents that he could go home and continue to get better there. He also told them that their son would have the scars for the rest of his life. After the conversation with the doctor, they packed up Charlie's things and were on their way home.

How Charlie enjoyed the ride home! The thought of sleeping in his own bed brought a big smile to his face. Upon their arrival, Dad carried his son inside and gently placed him on the sofa, for the time being. Charlie was thankful to finally be around familiar surroundings.

It wasn't long after they were all unloaded that the phone rang. A local reporter wanted to now if he could stop by and do a write-up about the terrible accident. Dad made sure that Charlie was up to the task; then he gave the OK to the reporter. It would only be a few minutes until the truck arrived so Mother made some coffee while Dad and Charlie watched for the reporter from the window.

"Here he comes!" exclaimed Charlie, barely able to sit still. The anxious boy watched as the reporter unloaded his equipment and headed for the door.

After the introductions were made, the kind man listened as Charlie rehearsed all that had happened to him on that dreadful day at the lake. Mom was close by, just in case Charlie had any problems answering a question. The interview went well and soon the family was posing for pictures.

"Can I get a few shots of your legs, Charlie?" asked the reporter. Charlie agreed and carefully pulled up his pant legs, revealing the terrible marks left by the alligator. The reporter sympathized as he snapped the pictures. After that, he began packing away his camera, but Charlie had one more thing that he wanted the man to see.

"Sir," began Charlie, "Don't you want to see my arms? You've got to take a picture of these scars, too!"

The surprised man looked up from packing and asked, "You have scars on your arms? How did you get those?"

As Charlie gently rolled up his sleeves, he replied, "These scars are here because my mom wouldn't let go of me." He concluded by saying, "And I'm so glad that she didn't!"

Mother took a moment to explain her promise to her son and how her grip was so tight on his arms that her fingernails dug into his flesh, causing deep wounds that left permanent scars. It was evident that she felt terrible about leaving such marks on her son, but just as evident was her thankful heart; for being able to hold on to Charlie.

Of course, the reporter wanted pictures of these scars, too. As he was taking them, he commented," Charlie, each time you see these scars on your arms, you can remember how much your mother loves you! She kept her promise and didn't let go of you!" Charlie nodded in agreement.

Boys and girls, this is a true story of a mother's struggle to keep her precious son alive, as a hungry alligator tried to pull him underwater. She succeeded, but not without cost. Charlie carries those scars today, always remembering the promise that his mother kept.she didn't let go!

A mother's love is great, but there is Someone who loves us even more than the best of mothers. Do you know who this Person is? Yes, His name is Jesus and He took the punishment that should have been ours, dying on the cross, trading His royal crown for a rugged crown of thorns. Death could not keep Him and He arose after three days and nights in the grave. Today, He wants us to accept His death as payment for our sins, by simply confessing our sins to Him and asking Him into our hearts and lives. (Romans 3:23; Romans 6:23 and Romans 10:9,10 and 13).

Jesus loves us and has the scars to prove it! (Jeremiah 31:3 " I have loved thee with an everlasting love..") Won't you accept His payment for your sins today?


Other verses that can be applied are.

Psalms 51:7b.".wash me and I shall be whiter than snow."

John 1:29 " .behold, The Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world."


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