Second Born©

Second Born©

Written and Illustrated by De Dorman

I Corinthians 2:9 "...eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither hath entered into the heart of man, the
things which God hath prepared for them that love Him."

It was a cool but sunny day in the Beijing countryside where the Lin family lived. Seven year old Pao Zhu (Pow Joo) sat contently outdoors watching her older sister, Pao Yi, (Pow Ee) play with some other children who live nearby. Feeling the warm sun on her back and gazing up into the beautiful blue sky seemed to be all the medicine little seven year old Pao Zhu needed. "Running and jumping could wait just a little longer." she thought as she listened to the other children's laughter. You see, this little girl has been suffering with a fever and cough for quite a while and it has left her little body very weak. Almost anywhere else in the world her papa could get help for his precious pearl, but not here.

In China, a family is strongly encouraged to have only one child. Should they have more than that, the eldest is the only one who can get an education or any kind of healthcare. Some second born children are left all alone to die, others are sold. There are some parents who give their child to an orphanage, hoping that the child will be cared for there. If a family keeps the second child, society is very cruel to them and they make it very difficult to get even food and clothes. For this reason, the Lin family moved to the countryside. They know that a child is a gift from God and is to be treasured. Pao Zhu's family loves her very much and has sacrificed a comfortable life in the city so they can live in peace, together. Pao Yi helped her sister inside for lunch. As Mama brought them some hot rice, she kissed the top of Pao Yi's head and thanked her for being so helpful. "I am so thankful for my two beautiful jewels!" she said as she handed the bowls of rice to the girls. Pao Zhu hasn't had an appetite lately so Mama and Pao Yi tried to encourage her to eat. "Papa would be so happy so if you could eat some of your rice!" Pao Zhu smiled weakly and said that she would try, but coughing made it so difficult to eat. She did eat a few bites and soon Pao Yi was helping Mama clean up while Pao Zhu rested. Silently, Mama prayed that someone would bring some medicine for her little girl tonight. That's when the Lin family will be having a meeting at their little house in the country; a secret meeting. People will be coming from miles just to attend. They have to be very careful who they tell this secret to because China has a law stating that no one is allowed to worship God! However, Christians know that this law is not pleasing to God ( Psalm 95:6 and Psalm 96:9) so they hold these secret meetings in "underground churches" whenever a pastor is in their area to lead them. Some of these pastors have been beaten and thrown into prison when caught holding meetings, being separated from their families for months and years. Some have even given their lives for this cause. This is how Papa and Mama Lin first heard about Jesus. They went to a "secret meeting" with family and heard the good news of God's great love for them. Joy came to their sorrowing hearts when they asked The Lord Jesus to be their Savior. Now they gladly open up their home, risking their own lives, so others also may hear the good news. Many of these brothers and sisters in Christ pray for little Pao Zhu and have tried, without success, to get the medicine that she needs. They fear that without it, there is little else that can be done for the little girl. Her condition continues to worsen.

The girls were looking forward to the "secret" meeting. The children who come are their friends. They don't mind at all that the girls are dressed in clothes that are well worn and no one treats Pao Zhu unkindly because she is second born. Pao Zhu wonders, though how their parents can be so happy and loving when many of them have been beaten and scorned for being a Christian. What makes them so different? You see, boys and girls, Pao Zhu hasn't given her heart to Jesus but many are praying that she will know the same joy that others speak about.

Mama finished preparing the fish and rice for the family as Papa came in from the field. "How is my Precious Pearl doing today, Mama?" Papa asked as he glanced over at his two girls.

"Papa, Pao Zhu ate a little more rice today..." began big sister.

"And...Papa..." Pao Zhu faintly said, "I went outside and sat in the sun! It was a pretty day! The sky was so blue!"

Pao Yi mentioned that she made sure her sister stayed warm.

"You are a good sister to Pao Zhu." commented Papa as they bowed their heads to give thanks for their food. After they finished eating, hugs of gratitude were given to Mama, thanking her for the good meal. Little by little, people began coming; one or two at a time. They knew that they mustn't come in all together; that would cause others to wonder what was going on in the little house. Soon enough, the house was full . They greeted each other affectionately and gladly sat on the hard floor, eagerly awaiting the message. Almost no one came with a Bible because they are difficult to get. The meeting was started with singing a beautiful hymn, the people's voices being the only instruments there. Smiles and tears were visible as they worshiped their Savior. -3- The pastor then stepped forward with a page from God's Word in his hand. He read the passage John 14:1-6 from the well-worn page and began speaking of Heaven. Everyone listened as he continued; stating that we all have sinned (Romans 3:23) and our sin is like the Great Wall; it separates us from God, but Jesus left His beautiful home in Heaven to come to this Earth and become The Door (John 10:9) through Whom we could have eternal life. (Romans 6:23) This reminded Pao Zhu of her Papa and Mama's love for her and how, at times, she disappointed them by her disobedience. She knew that this also displeased God.

As the gentle pastor spoke of the suffering that Jesus went through (Isaiah 53:3-5) so that we could be saved, Pao Zhu felt such sorrow in her heart. This little girl was seeing that she, too, was a sinner and needed to be forgiven. As the pastor closed his message, he asked if there was anyone who wanted this gift of eternal life, paid in full, by Jesus. Pao Zhu's little hand went up. Right there, in the middle of the floor, with Papa and Mama by her side, Pao Zhu asked Jesus to forgive her sins and come into her heart. She thanked Him for going through all the pain and suffering for her. Now she knew of the joy that others talked about; all her sins were forgiven! The peace that was inside her heart was priceless! Many people rejoiced with the Lin family before leaving, in the same manner in which they or two at a time.

It had been an exciting night for the Lin family! However, it wasn't long before all were lying on their mats, resting peacefully with hearts full of joy! Although there was no medicine brought that night, something much more precious came...salvation to a little girl's heart.

Papa and Mama saw, however, as the weeks passed, that their Precious Pearl only grew weaker. Mama would hold her as she coughed so hard, unable to breathe at times, while Papa prayed. -4- It was as some said; Pao Zhu had tuberculosis, and with no treatment available for second born children, their precious little pearl was dying. And Jesus, who is so full of mercy, gently took Pao Zhu's hand one night and brought her to her new home in Heaven, where she had a new body and a clean, white robe. Here, everyone was so happy to see this little pearl. As Pao Zhu held onto His nail-scarred hand, she thanked her Savior for dying for her sins and for that one night, during a "secret meeting" when this second born child, who had been rejected and scorned by many, was born again and accepted by the One who mattered the most...God Almighty.

Invitation to Salvation and Obedience.

Close the class time by praying for our brothers and sisters in China and those throughout the world who are being persecuted for their love for The Lord.

Lin Pao Zhu -(Lin is the last name.) Pronounced "Pow Joo"... means Precious Pearl.

Lin Pao Yi- (Lin is the last name.) Pronounced "Pow ee.".. means Precious Jade.

Heartfelt thanks goes out to Helen Lim who added authenticity to this story by giving valuable information on the Chinese culture and for naming the precious jewels. God bless you, Helen.

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